Eco-Fashion: Going Green Exhibition

FIN, marble print dress in organic bamboo satin. Fall 2010, Norway. Gift of Per Sivertsen of FIN. Photograph by Eileen Costa ©MFIT 2010

Eco-Fashion: Going Green
Fashion & Textile History Gallery
May 26 – November 13, 2010

The Museum at FIT presents Eco-Fashion: Going Green, an exhibition exploring the evolution of the fashion industry’s multifaceted and complex relationship with the environment. By examining the past two centuries of fashion’s good—and bad— environmental and ethical practices, Eco-Fashion: Going Green provides historical context for today’s eco-fashion movement.

Presented chronologically and featuring more than 100 garments, accessories, and textiles, the exhibition uses contemporary methods for “going green” as a framework to study the past. The objects displayed touch upon at least one of six major themes: the re-purposing and recycling of materials, fiber origins, textile dyeing and production, quality of craftsmanship, labor practices, and the treatment of animals. Curated by Jennifer Farley and Colleen Hill, the exhibition features some of the finest examples of 21st-century sustainable fashions by current, cutting-edge labels, including Alabama Chanin, Ciel, Edun, FIN, and NOIR.



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