This blog aims to bring fashion theory to the forefront among the discursive texts concerning fashion. Its goal is to foster scholarly research as well as bring awareness of theory and philosophy to the fashion images we see everywhere. The particular focus will be on the fashionable form or fashion object. Special attention will be placed on fashion ads, clothing design, and fashion shows – the spaces, places, and faces of fashionable objects can include photography, museum exhibitions, magazine spreads, websites, models, and the general public.

About Consuelo Gutierrez:

Consuelo earned her Master’s degree in Art History, focusing on fashion theory. Her specialization is in promotions and content development in the publishing and education fields. She has worked with digital collections including the Dallas Museum of Art and The Costume Institute. Her focus has been to promote fashion theory, fashion studies, the history of dress, and costume collections. Aside from digitization projects and promoting museum collections, she has conducted research about fashion, gender, and the luxury markets. She has been invited to speak in San Francisco, Dallas, San Marcos, Dartmouth, Glasgow, Los Angeles, and Prague.

Consuelo’s passion for fashion and design has taken her to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Mexico City, and many other cities across the globe.

After living in Manhattan and Helsinki, she now lives in Dallas.

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