Objects of Fascination

A Stiletto You Can Eat Up

Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolate Green Stiletto. May, 2011. | Photo from Assouline.

Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolate Green Stiletto. May, 2011. | Photo from Assouline.

Apparently Jean-Paul Hévin makes a tasty habit of crafting shoes from chocolate. The Green Stiletto is his spring version that was only available through May. (Didn’t get yours? Don’t worry – the master chocolatier’s website states that more will be available soon. Shoes and chocolate – it’s two great tastes that taste great together. OK, maybe not as great as the idea of it.) Lucky for me, I can actually wear the choco-heel (the right foot is only available in Euro size 35 and tastes like matcha green tea – my doctor will be relieved), and although I wouldn’t want to, I still kind of … probably … would when no one was looking. The shoe was created from a model of Rodolphe Menudier in collaboration with Stiletto Magazine and is most certainly an object of fascination, hunger, and desire for me.

Visit Jean-Paul Hévin’s website: http://www.jphevin.com/catalogue.php?id_produit=424&type=enboutique&lang=en


Lego fashion fetish

This Lego dress worn by Fergie at Nickelodeon’s 24th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards. The dress was constructed of Lego by L.A.-based designer Michael Schmidt. Apparently she is not the first band member to wear Legos as will.i.am wore a Lego hat and necklace at last year’s American Music Awards. Fergie’s dress is apropos for the occasion but perhaps this Lego trend is saying more about our need to make fashion more playful while drawing attention to fashion’s architectural nature: construction of identity while providing shelter. This idea is arguably a concept first learned during childhood and is carried on for the rest of our lives.

Fergie in Lego dress

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie got into the kid-friendly spirit at Nickelodeon's 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards, sporting a funky dress made of multi-colored Legos by L.A.-based designer Michael Schmidt. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


Alexander McQueen window display

Alexander McQueen window taken on the way home.

Alexander McQueen window

Alexander McQueen window | Photographed by Shane Culp

Bergdorf Goodman window displays honoring Stephen Sondheim. Illustrations by Al Hirshfeld. Photo taken by Shane Culp.

Stephen Sondheim inspired window displays at Bergdorf Goodman

Walking past Bergdorf Goodman one night, I was came across these window displays honoring Stephen Sondheim. The windows featured clothing and imagery inspired by Sondheim’s works. My favorites were those of Al Hirschfeld illustrations, the venerated cartoonist, which were black and white themed.

For more photos, go to broadwayworld.com’s site:


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Madmen Barbie Dolls


The alternate name for this blog was Valley of the Living Dolls, so it was interesting to see this article from Signature 9 proves how obsessed we are with mannequins, dolls, and dummies. If you haven’t gotten enough of Mad Men, you can come up with your own episodes with these Barbies and Kens from Mattel.


Art in the Age inspired store

On a recent trip to Philadelphia, I discovered Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – a storefront for an artist collective that produces original handmade products. Operating on the philosophical guidance of Walter Benjamin’s famous essay of 1936, Art in the Age offers “thought-provoking products of real cultural capital.” The space is both modern and reminiscent of early twentieth century quality purveyors.


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