Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association: Subcultural Style and Identity

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
40th Annual Meeting
Renaissance Grand Hotel
St Louis, MO, USA

March 31- April 3, 2010

Subcultural Style and Identity is a significant and influential component of contemporary fashion and dress. Information can be retrieved from the media, fashion, design, music, social, economic and other cultural histories, as well as sexuality. Subcultural dress is ultimately associated with the wearer’s identity and lifestyle, whose attitude, hairstyle, makeup and context form a critical part in the examination of dress.

Papers will explore the way in which subcultural style impacts mainstream mass fashion, high fashion and the music industry, all of which have drawn inspiration and in return fed ideas back to the street. It will examine the way in which subcultural groups appropriate items from mainstream culture subverting its original meaning.

Papers are sought from those engaged in the fields of cultural studies, sociology, media, film, music and fashion studies.

Please send a short biography and a 200 word abstract to the National Area Chair: Dr Vicki Karaminas at:

Dr Vicki Karaminas
Area Chair, Subcultural Style and Identity (PCA/ACA)
Senior Lecturer in Fashion Theory and Design Studies
School of Design
University of Technology, Sydney Australia


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