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Call for Papers: Deconstructing Costume Histories: Rereading Identities in Fashion Collections and Exhibitions

100th Annual CAA Conference – Los Angeles, February 22-25, 2012

Session – Deconstructing Costume Histories: Rereading Identities in Fashion Collections and Exhibitions

Co-chairs: Consuelo Gutierrez and Ian McDermott

NEW Abstract Deadline: May 20th, 2011

Please send completed submission form, a one to two page double-spaced abstract, a letter explaining the speaker’s interest and expertise in the topic, a current CV, and a sample of your work if relevant by May 20, 2011 to both organizers: Consuelo Gutierrez: and Ian McDermott:

Theorists from Veblen to Simmel have argued that fashion originates from the styles of the elite, which drive sartorial representation within a given society. This session looks at fashion collections and exhibitions in museums and examines how collecting practices and curatorial decisions influence the study of the history of fashion with respect to the representation of minorities and the working class. Do these collections or exhibitions construct a homogeneous identity based on the lifestyle and experience of the leisure class? Have the fashions and styles in museums, magazines, and fashion shows become the foundation of a collective memory and history of fashion that is inherently noninclusive?

This panel invites papers discussing the diversity of costume and dress as experienced by minority, ethnic, and underprivileged economic groups and the representation of gender, race, and class in fashion collections and exhibitions.

The panel also welcomes the examination of appropriation, nationalism, multiculturalism, colonialism/postcolonialism, subcultures, street fashion, and other related topics in light of fashion collections and exhibitions.

For more information about CAA Conference 2012, please visit:


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