Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Material Sense of Things in the Middle Ages

Call for Papers: Material Sense of Things in the Middle Ages
CAA 2012, Los Angeles California, February 22-25, 2012
Registration deadline: May 2, 2011

CAA 2012 Session Sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art
Res et significatio: The Material Sense of Things in the Middle Ages
Aden Kumler (University of Chicago); and Christopher Lakey (Johns Hopkins University).

In his landmark 1958 essay, “Vom geistigen Sinn des Wortes im Mittelalter,” Friederich Ohly described the medieval meaning of things (Dingbedeutung) as authorized by scriptural exegesis, but exceeding the boundaries of sacred texts to include monuments, artifacts, and materials. Taking Ohly’s analysis as a point of departure, we invite papers that explore the medieval signification of materials and material things-be they divinely created and or made by human hands. Can we speak of an iconology of materials in the period? What can the use of materials and the facture of objects tell us about the signifying interplay of materials and forms in the period? How might medieval uses of materials shape or respond to contemporary understandings of the material world and of materiality itself? We invite papers that engage material- or thing-signification in the western and Byzantine Middle Ages through material- or object-focused case studies, diachronic analyses, or more theoretical modes of reflection.

Please send all supporting materials electronically to and by May 2nd, 2011

Please Include:
1) An abstract of 1-2 double-spaced, typed pages
2) A letter of interest, including CAA membership status
3) A current CV, including summer addresses and telephone numbers if applicable
4) A completed CAA Session Participation Proposal form, located at the end of the 2012 CAA  CFP Brochure

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CONF: Material Sense of Things in the Middle Ages (CAA, Los Angeles 2012). In: H-ArtHist, Apr 23, 2011. <>.


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