j-Summit New York Saturday July 10

Saturday July 10, 2010 at the Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC

It will feature the J-Rock/V-kei influenced rock band, ‘Geist’ from Baltimore, MD , a reputable rock trio, Lilac, a revolutionary R&R band, Stella’s Attic, for their second appearance and a vocal-bass-percussion trio, ‘Thelonious Monkeys’ as well as a hip-hop dancer, Nobuya, and an idol unit, Rib-bon.

Venue : The Studio@Websterhall / 125 E 11th St NYC
Doors Open : 5PM and Show starts at 6PM. 18+ ID (Valid ID’s are required)
Tickets: $10 (advance) / $12 (door)

JSNY Membership:
1) join them on Facebook : j-summit New York
2) email them [your full name] and [email address] to to be added to our JSNY mailing list
( $10 admission and win Special Prize – drink ticket, Artist goods, CD and etc.)

Geist :
Lilac :
Thelonious Monkeys :
Stella’s Attic :
Nobuya :

j-Summit NY offers a welcoming environment to enjoy music (J-pop, J-rock, Visual-kei) and fashion (Goth-loli, Kawaii) for all fans and artists!! They are creating a community focused on the connections and cultural exchanges (modern, classic) between Tokyo and NY. These exciting events will be held periodically, so keep up-to-date with information!

Welcome various types of artists, such as singers, bands, dancers, and performers!

Executive Producer : Katsu Oiwake / mok management.
Media/Director : Hiroshi Kono / Mar Creation, Inc. tel: 917-400-9362


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