Sex Lives of Robots

A temporary installation currently displayed in the exhibition Spotlight on the Permanent Collection

For more than twenty years Michael Sullivan has worked as an animator, prop fabricator and lighting designer.

The showcased figures “The Creation of Man”, “The Insemination of Lulu 95304” and “Iron Hole” were prepared especially for display in the Museum of Sex. By transforming fashion dolls and figurines through paint and sculpting techniques, Sullivan’s robotic characters become the actors in his pornographic stop animation film, Sex Life of Robots, which he describes as “footage of every conceivable sperm transfer device that is performed by robot pornographers and their well lubricated machines.”

Sullivan’s work has been featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, “Transformers” the television show, Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” video, a short animated EFX for “Star Trek V”, “The Big Bear in the Big Blue House” and “Joe’s Apartment.”

Sex Life of Robots is in the final stages of production.

Michael Sullivan: Director, Animator, Cinematographer, Prop Fabricator, Writer
Richard Skidmore: Producer, Editor, Music and Sound Effects Technician

Adults (18+): $14.50 + tax
Students and Seniors (with valid ID): $13.50 + tax
Group Visits are also available
Advance or day-of-visit tickets may also be purchased or reserved without a service charge in the Museum Lobby.


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